Hazrat Sultan-ul-Oliya, (King of saints) Khawaja Muhammad Zaman (Q.S.).
The Founder of “Dargah Luari Sharif” and the largest School of Naqshbandia in Indo-Pak Subcontinent, established since more than 300 years.

“All human beings come under the sacred flag of “KUL” to acquire faith, right path and peace”. (Hazrat Pir Haji Ahmad Zaman Q.S. 6th Pir of Luari Sharif, From 1881 AD to 1938 AD)

DAYS TO REMEMBER(Anniversaries of)

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

12th Rabi-al-Awwal 1442

30th October 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Abul Masakeen (Q)

9th Zul Hajj 1441

1st July 2020

Hazrat Sultan-ul-Oliya (Q)

4th Zul Quad 1441

26th June 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Gul Muhammad (Q)

27th Rabi-ul-Sani 1442

13th December 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Zaman Thani (Q)

17th Safar 1442

5th October 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Hassan (Q)

7th Safar 1442

25th September 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Saeed (Q)

2nd Muharram 1442

22nd August 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Ahmad Zaman (Q)

1st Rajab 1441

26th February 2020

Hazrat Khwaja Gul Hassan (Q)

27th Zul Quad 1441

19th July 2020

Hazrat Pir Faiz Muhammad (Q)

18th Jamadi-us-Sani 1441

13th February 2020

Anniversery dates are subject to moon sighting.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Every Sufi order derives its roots from the spirituality of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). And considers him as the final link of the chain between ordinary human being and the Almighty Allah, which goes down through the able spiritual deputies of the Prophet, who carry the torch of divine light (Noor) in their hearts that was ignited by the final Prophet (PBUH).
Hazrat Sultan-ul-Oliya (Q)

Hazrat Sultan-ul-Oliya (Q)

Hazrat Sultan-ul-Oliya Khwaja Muhammad Zaman (Q) was born in old Luari on Ramazan 21, 1125 AH or October 9, 1713 AD. Since his early age, he was leaned towards religious education. He completed the recitation of Holy Quran under the guidance of his father Shaikh Haji Abdul Latif (Q). Then he moved to Thatta, where he got formal schooling.
Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi

Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi

Hazrat Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi is the present Sajjadah Nashin of Dargah Luari Sharif. He was born on Rajab 24, 1399 AH or June 20, 1979 AD. He has got his early education from his father Hazrat Rahimee Badshah (Q) and later schooled in prestigious institutions in his native town Qazi Ahmad and then in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan).

Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi (The 9th Pir of Luari Sharif)

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