Sufism (History and Practices)

Tasawwuf or Sufism is generally believed to be the esoteric, mystical, or psycho-spiritual dimension of Islam. It relates to seeking the nearness of God or the spiritual journey towards Allah. This journey is called Tariqah (the path).

Sufi thoughts of Luari Sharif

The fifth Sajjadah Nashin (occupier of the seat) of Luari Sharif, Hazrat Imam-ul-Aulia Khwaja Muhammad Saeed (Q) has allegorically explicated the distinction of the Naqshbandia order inherited from Hazrat Mujjaddid Alf Sani (Q) with regard to its peculiarity at Luari Sharif in his book Saqqal-uz-Zammair.

Knowledge of Tasawwuf

In the Preamble of Luari Ja Lal, by Dr. Gurbakhshani, the Sixth Sajjadah Nashin of Dargah Luari Sharif, Hazrat Imam-ul-Arfeen Pir Haji Ahmad Zaman (Q) writes: "The knowledge of Tasawwuf is of the greatest glory; due to its blessing, (as because of the blessing of Tasawwuf) all kinds of distresses and difficulties in this world and in the hereafter are eliminated and salvation is achieved.

The respect of Spiritual Leader

The first respect is that the spiritual guide, for sure, be assumed and be seen with ownself in his appearance or disappearance and also respects be paid to his unpresent audience. The reality of spiritual guide is the Noor of Allah’s Entity, which cannot have portions.

NameAuthor / TranslatorLanguageRemarks
Luari Ja Lal (1st)Dr. HothChand MolchandSindhiBiography
Luari Ja Lal (2nd)Muhammad Panah PhareroSindhiBiography
Aulia-e-Luari Sharif Abdul Karim Talpur (Translator)UrduBiography (Urdu Version of Luari Ja Lal)
Abayat SindhiDr. Umer Dawoodpota / Muhammad Adam Ishaqani (Translator)Urdu / SindhiPoetry
Latifatut-TehkeekSyed Rafiq Ali Hussaini Peshang / Dr. Umer Dawoodpota (Translator) Persian / Sindh / UrduBiography
Maqoolat-e-TasawufMumtaz MirzaUrduSayings of Hazrat Sultan-ul-Oliya (Q)
Saqaluz ZamairHazrat Khwaja Muhammad Saeed (Q) / Muhammad Adam Ishaqani (Translator)Persian / UrduBiography
Firduousul ArfeenMir Baloch Khan Talpur / Maulana Younus BariPersian / Urdu Biography
Aaina-e-AuliaNazar Ali Baloch / Hazrat Rahimee Badshah (Q) & Muhammad Ibrahim Abassi Persian / UrduBiography
Guldasta-e-Luari SharifMuhammad Panah PhariroSindhiArticles
Pir Badshah Luari Sharif (Vol 1-18)SindhiBiography
Hazrat Ahmed ZamanIllahi Bux MashoriSindhiBiography
Thufa-e-Luari SharifMaulana Ghulam Muhammad GramiSindhiArticles

Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi (The 9th Pir of Luari Sharif)

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