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Hazrat Sultanul Aulia Khawaja Muhammad Zaman (QS) was the greatest saint of deeper erudition, intense piety and very high spiritual attainments. He enjoyed Pivotal position in the order of Naqshbandia in Sindh. His sublime religious attainments attracted a large number of followers from many parts of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent and all around the globe. Besides, many spiritual elites and religious scholars, on account of the extreme veneration they contained towards him, deemed it their sanctimonious duty to visit him and pay respects and homage to him and became his devotees, the prominent among them are:

Hazrat Qazi Ahmad Qureshi (RA), Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (RA), Makhdoom Abdul Rahim Girhori (RA), Khwaja Abu Talib (RA), Khwaja Essa Dashti (RA), Khwaja Sadhatura (RA) and many others.

These saints were spiritually blessed by Hazrat Sultanul Oliya (QS). They established their own monasteries from where a large number of people received bounties and the continuity of such beneficence still goes on.

From the aforesaid chosen men of distinction just one spiritual elite namely Qazi Ahmad (RA) bestowed upon his following disciples so graciously that among them over 360 established their own dargahs in Sindh, Punjab & other parts of India.

A few names shine prominently among them are:

Syed Noor Muhammad Shah of Khahi Kundha, Dist Nosheroferoz, Sindh Pakistan.
Makhdoom Abdul Wali of Derbelo, Dist Nosheroferoz, Sindh Pakistan.
Mian Abdul Karim Khatti, Penghri near Hala, Dist Matyari, Sindh Pakistan.
Mian Shah Hussain, Rattar Chhattar, District Gordaspur, India.
Imam Ali Shah Kalanuri, Kot Mian Sahib, District Gordaspur, India.
Hazrat Pir Buddhan Shah Naqshbandi Kalanuri, Kot Mian Sahib, District Gordaspur, India.
Pir Sadiq Ali Shah Naqshbandi, Kot Mian Sahib, District Gordaspur, India.
Baba Amiruddin Kakayzai, Kotla Panjubeg, Punjab, Pakistan.
Hazrat Mian Shagufteen Beg Naqshbandi.
Hazrat Molana Muhammad Azam Naqshbandi.
Mufti Muhammad Masood Naqshbandi Dehlvi, Delhi, India.
Hazrat Syed Anwar Shah Kashmiri Naqshbandi.
Hazrat Molana Fateh Muhammad Naqshbandi.
Hazrat Mazhar Jamal Naqshbandi.
Hazrat Khwaja Amiruddin Naqshbandi of Dharmkot.
Hazrat Shah Mazharullah Dehlvi, Dehli, India.
Hazrat Sani Mian Ghulamullah Naqshbandi Sharaqpur Sharif, District Sheikhupura, Pakistan.
Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ismail Shah Kirmanwala Naqshbandi, District Okara, Pakistan.
Hazrat Syed Noor-ul-Hassan, Kalayanwale, District Gujranwala, Pakistan.
Hazrat Sahibzada Muhammad Umer Naqshbandi Birmil Sharif, Dist. Sargodha, Pakistan.
Hazrat Sahibzada Mazhar Qayyum Naqshbandi.
Hazrat Mian Rahmat Ali Naqshbandi, District Lahore, Pakistan.
Hazrat Abdul Raza Syed Hakim Ali Naqshbandi, Lahore, Pakistan.
Shah Muhammad Masood Dehlvi.
Hazrat Ghulam Mustafa Shah, Imam and Khateeb of Masjid (Mosque) Jamia Fatehpuri, Delhi.
Hazrat Shah Molana Muhammad Ruknuddin Naqshbandi, Alvar, Rajasthan, India.
Mufti Muhammad Mehmood Alvari, District Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.
and hundreds of others.

Pir Muhammad Sadiq Qureshi (The 9th Pir of Luari Sharif)

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